Our 9H Permanent-Ceramic-Coating is extraordinaringly resistant to corrosion, abraision, acid and high temperatures. It’s also highly scratch- and impactproof.



  • High class corrosion-protection*
  • Extremely hard and scratchresistant (9H)
  • Highly abrasion-resistant
  • Very impact-resistant
  • Flatly surfaces stay flat (no glance)
  • Durabillity up to 10 years in use
  • Temperature resistant from -90°C to +750°C
  • Transparent coating
  • Resistant to a wide variety of organic solvents
  • Treated surfaces stay dirt free longer and are easier to clean
  • Reduced dust and soil adhesion because of dry surface
  • Doesn’t effect appearance

*guaranteed only through proffessional application of 9H Permanent-Ceramic-Coating via in-house spray process

Possible applications 

9H Ceramic-Coating is compatible with following surfaces: 

  • Burnished (blue) steel/surfaces
  • Ilaflon-coated surfaces
  • Ceracote-coated surfaces
  • Galvanised and anodised/eloxed surfaces
  • Painted surfaces
  • Powder-coated surfaces
  • Iron and non-iron surfaces
  • Smooth plastic surfaces

9H Permanent-Ceramic-Coating is perfectly suited for 

  • Military rifles (developed for extreme use/wear)
  • Arsenal (stored) weapons (minimizes maintenance requirement, and use of care products)
  • Hunting rifles (no rust through hand sweat or moisture in vaults or carrying containers)
  • Collector/Replica rifles (maximum conservation/value retention)
  • Club owned rifles (minimizes maintenance requirement trough high use. Protected even with less to no maintenance)
  • Sport rifles (highly wear and tear resistant against excessive use)
  • Scopes (Surface becomes up to 30% harder and reaches higher levels of scratchresistance)



In near future we will provide the option of proffessionaly coating your weapon with our 9H Permanent-Ceramic-Coating in our house.

Beforehand your rifle will be cleaned in a ultrasonic bath. After that, the 9H Permanent-Ceramic-Coating will be applied by spraying process.

Afterwards, your weapon will be stored for 48hours with 60°C in an drying chamber to reach maximum hardness of 9H.


Endcustomer price (coating incl. material):

Short weapons (Pistols) around 89€ (+ shippment cost)

Long weapons around 129€ (+shippment cost)

Prices for disasembly by gunsmith only on request

Requests per E-Mail to nanopal@gmx.de


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