Our Nanopal Barrelcoating is an highly effective coating material on base of chemical nanotechnology. The coating will apply an extreme hard and very thin protective film (ca. 150nm). The qualitiy of the barrel will be improved on long terms because the Nanopal coating will protect the barrel from scratches and plastic deposits.

The coating fills up all the tiny gaps, dents, grooves and scratches within the barrel to reach that perfectly smooth surface. And through that, abraison and clogging by plastic-, alluminum-, ceramic BBs is allmost fully prevented and deposits can’t stick to the inside anymore.

The Nanopal Barrelcoating is best suited for high-precision Airsoft gunbarrels. Throgh the extremly thin protection film, dirtparticles can’t stick anymore witch lets the BBs travel perfecly through the barrel. This leads to long term precision- and accuracy improvement. Our Nanopal Barrelcoating is perfectly suited for all types of barrels such as stainless steel, chrome, brass and aluminum and can be applied to used barrels perfectly as well.

Advantages of our Nanopal Barrelcoating:

  • Adhesion of deposits through abrasion of BBs is virtually prevented. Through that, long term improvement of accuaracy and precision
  • Protection against clogging, deposits, scratches and corrosion throgh moisture. Long term quality improvement
  • Constand FPS
  • Suited for all types of barrels (Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brass, Aluminum)
  • Esspecially suited for high precision barrels
  • For new and used barrels
  • Coating can be re-done any time
  • Highly uneven Barrels can be coated multiple times to reach perfect finish

Nanopal Airsoft Barrelcoating Set


Ca. 40ml nanopal Pre-Cleaner, ca. 5ml nanopal coating fluid, 10 VFG-felts, 1 Woolwiper 6mm, 1 Woolwiper 4,5mm, 1 Cleaning cloth

Please Note:

For application, a common rifle-cleaning-rod with external threads will be needed In near future our sets will come with a cleaning rope.

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